Privacy Policy

It seems a little odd posting a privacy policy here on my family's web site, but I just wanted folks to know a few things.

If you sign up for an account, please know that I will never give your contact information to third parties. I do store IP addresses of visitors for a few weeks for the purpose of tracking who's visiting this site. I use Google Analytics to provide more detailed web site visitor statistics. Google has their own privacy policy which you may want to review. To my knowledge, they don't provide the information they collect with third parties either.

I also use a spam blocking service called Mollom which analyzes comments posted to this site to help block spam. The folks at Mollom do store some information about your visit for a few months to ensure that you're not a spammer and they don't give out information about you. You can read Mollom's privacy policy to learn more.

Thanks for visiting!

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