What are we treating our ears to?

Whistling all the way down to see Andrew Bird


Andrew Bird with violin in concert Category:An...

Andrew Bird with violin in concert Category:Andrew Bird (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The boys and I saw Andrew Bird last week in his first concert here in Santa Fe. The shows at The Lensic always sound great and this was no exception. As we walked back to the car after the show, Owen commented on how his ears weren't ringing like they were after we saw Rush, and I could hear what he was saying perfectly well. I now have a strong preference for seeing quieter artists in smaller venues, and this show reinforced this bent further.

Opening night of Rush's Time Machine Tour


It's been a long time, about 17 years, since I last saw my favorite band. I sort of lost touch with them after becoming a husband and a parent. Their tours have stopped in New Mexico, so I don't have a good excuse for missing them during recent tours. I could go on about my Rush hiatus, but I think I'll save that for another post.

One of my son's friends came over one day about a year ago sporting a Vapor Trails tour t-shirt. His mom had taken him to see the show, how cool is that? This was the seed germinated with the news that Rush was to open their time Machine Tour in Albuquerque.

So we went and we had a blast. This was the set from Ryan's and Owen's first real rock show, Rush! Also, pictures!

Stop media consolidation in Santa Fe, NM, Keep Indie Alive!


The radio station I've been working for, Indie 101.5, is facing a thinly disguised corporate buyout and the community of Santa Fe is faced with the eminent loss of 3 of its great stations to media consolidation.

This is nothing new in the US, and it isn't very easy to stop, but if this bothers you, even if you've never listened to the station, please make your voice heard. Visit and send the FCC a message of protest.


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