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Whistling all the way down to see Andrew Bird


Andrew Bird with violin in concert Category:An...

Andrew Bird with violin in concert Category:Andrew Bird (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The boys and I saw Andrew Bird last week in his first concert here in Santa Fe. The shows at The Lensic always sound great and this was no exception. As we walked back to the car after the show, Owen commented on how his ears weren't ringing like they were after we saw Rush, and I could hear what he was saying perfectly well. I now have a strong preference for seeing quieter artists in smaller venues, and this show reinforced this bent further.

Twisters, Media Consolidation, and Thoughts on the Corporatizing of America



So it was about 3:30 PM Saturday and the family and I were gearing up to head out to the Santa Fe Brewing Company for the Media Consolidation Panel meeting, where members of Indie 101.5 and local media were going to discuss the “big box” intrusion into independent media outlets in Santa Fe. A friend of ours, who was already at the Brewing Company, called and said, "Um, just wanted to let you know that there's a tornado out here."

New operators and an updated format for KWRP radio


KWRP, a locally owned and operated radio station that I raved about last year, recently experienced a change. Broadcast Partners, LLC has taken over operations of the station under a local management agreement (LMA). The agreement is basically a lease in which the owner retains ownership of the frequency and equipment but the leasee actually operates the station.

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