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Water cooler fodder for the week


I imagine that this morning's NY Time's article "At Los Alamos, Blogging Their Discontent" will be one of the main topics of discussion around work this week. Doug Robert's blog has been a regular topic of conversation at the Lab for months now and after seeing the other recent NY Times article "When the Blogger Blogs, Can the Employer Intervene? " a few weeks ago, I wondered when Doug's blog would be covered exclusively.

A note for music reviewers


I believe Laura Lorson hits the nail on the head in this NPR commentary. I'm all for folks expanding their vocabularies, but not when attempting to communicate to the masses. I especially loved Lorson's formulas for describing artists, especially the simple formula that Bowie == Bowie.

Music sharing hits the road


Shortly after I started using my iTrip FM transmitter with my iPod I started wondering what will happen when iPod transmissions collide on the road. There are a lot of car owners who rely on these transmitters to play our tunes in the car because we don't have a jack or a cassette deck to plug in our iPod's. And of course, the number of iPod owners is growing everyday.


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