Twisters, Media Consolidation, and Thoughts on the Corporatizing of America



So it was about 3:30 PM Saturday and the family and I were gearing up to head out to the Santa Fe Brewing Company for the Media Consolidation Panel meeting, where members of Indie 101.5 and local media were going to discuss the “big box” intrusion into independent media outlets in Santa Fe. A friend of ours, who was already at the Brewing Company, called and said, "Um, just wanted to let you know that there's a tornado out here."

Stop media consolidation in Santa Fe, NM, Keep Indie Alive!


The radio station I've been working for, Indie 101.5, is facing a thinly disguised corporate buyout and the community of Santa Fe is faced with the eminent loss of 3 of its great stations to media consolidation.

This is nothing new in the US, and it isn't very easy to stop, but if this bothers you, even if you've never listened to the station, please make your voice heard. Visit and send the FCC a message of protest.

Yes, We're Still Alive


It's been awhile, much too long in fact. But we are all alive and kicking and enjoying springtime, with the exception of the notorious winds of New Mexico. 

We enjoyed a well-deserved vacation Tuscon where we visited the Desert Museum, Colossal Cave, and the Pima Air and Space Museum. The pool was by far the boy's favorite thing about the week.

Owen's started t-ball. Ryan's working on his North Carolina state report for school. Amy's still putting up with living with three boys and I'm keeping busy with projects. 

How are you?

Go team!



Owen finishes a drillOwen's getting his first taste of team sports through a Saturday morning YMCA program. The program is teaching kids the basics of sports, started with soccer fundamentals, and the kids are now playing t-ball.


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