New operators and an updated format for KWRP radio


KWRP, a locally owned and operated radio station that I raved about last year, recently experienced a change. Broadcast Partners, LLC has taken over operations of the station under a local management agreement (LMA). The agreement is basically a lease in which the owner retains ownership of the frequency and equipment but the leasee actually operates the station.



Genovese BasilWe haven't been able to have much of a garden for the past several years because of the severe drought Santa Fe has been experiencing. But one thing I have tried to maintain is an herb garden, and every year I plant genovese basil. This year, thanks to one of the wettest summers on record, our basil grew to be about three feet tall.

The first week of


Ryan finished up his first week in the fourth grade and I completed my first week at the new job. I'm happy to report that Ryan and I have only good things to report so far.

Ryan spent his first week back catching up with friends he hadn't seen all summer. His teacher didn't waste any time handing out homework and much of the week was spent reviewing math operations. Ryan has enjoyed the silent reading sessions in class more than anything else.



I love the guitar. I love the way it sounds, its shape, and I love to watch those who know how to strum or pick a tune on them. Here are a couple of guitar-related items for my musician friends.


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