Jamie Cullum and Raul Midon


Wow! What an incredible show!

Amy and I went to see one of our favorite artists, Jamie Cullum, last night at the Paulo Soleri Amphitheatre. And, if Jamie wasn't enough, the phenomenal Raul Midon opened the show. This was the first concert that Amy and I felt like staying from start to encore. Usually we feel like we have to get home to the boys and the babysitter, but the show was great (thanks Jennifer!).

How 'bout those Tigers?


I probably shouldn't be writing this for fear of putting a jinx on the great start to the Detroit Tigers season, but what the hell.

I haven't followed the Tigers seriously since, hmmm, 1984 when they won their last World Series. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they're off to their best start in many years and, as of the writing of this entry, they're 5-0.

James Hunter: Is he Sam Cooke reincarnate?


Greats like Sam Cooke and and Jackie Wilson were a bit before my time, but I'm developing a deeper appreciation for the R&B sound of the 50s and the early 60s through new comer James Hunter.

After hearing an NPR interview with James, I've been grooving to the retro sound of People Gonna Talk. Apparently, he's not a new comer, having toured extensively in Europe and appearing on stage with greats like Van Morrison.


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