Pushrod Tube Seals on the BMW replaced!

I've made progress on the Beemer's to do list over the past month! My friend Paul introduced me to his friend Tom a month ago. Tom's an engineer, a former Mercedes mechanic, and owner of several toys, including several motorcycles. Best of all, Tom's a patient man who offered to show me how to pull the jugs on my R75 to replace the leaky pushrod tube seals. 

Replacing the foot tab on my 77 BMW R75's center stand

After spending a few weeks riding my new-to-me '77 BMW R75/7, it's time to start knocking things of the to do list. One of the smaller, but most annoying items on the list is replacing the missing tab bar on the center stand. Avoiding burning my hand on the exhaust while trying to pull the spring-loaded center stand down got old in hurry.

I'm officially an airhead!

My friends will no doubt say that they already knew that I'm an airhead. In this case, however, airhead referes to BMW R-series motorcycles. I've dreamed about having one of my own ever since reading "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance." I'd forgtotten about that dream until recently, but it recently became a reality.

My one and only motorcycle was a 1981 Suzuki GS650. This bike was my only means of transportation while finishing up my degree at the University of Cincinnati. After graduation, I rode it from Ohio to New Mexico to start my first job. I had a lot of great times riding that bike around Cincinnati and Northern New Mexico, but I didn't maintain it well. Then marriage and parenthood made it harder to find time to ride.

Whistling all the way down to see Andrew Bird


Andrew Bird with violin in concert Category:An...

Andrew Bird with violin in concert Category:Andrew Bird (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The boys and I saw Andrew Bird last week in his first concert here in Santa Fe. The shows at The Lensic always sound great and this was no exception. As we walked back to the car after the show, Owen commented on how his ears weren't ringing like they were after we saw Rush, and I could hear what he was saying perfectly well. I now have a strong preference for seeing quieter artists in smaller venues, and this show reinforced this bent further.


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